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Thank you for my Sunfast 3200 Sails ...


Tom George

Thank you for your Christmas E-mail, It reminded me that in all the excitement last year I never thanked you for your Efforts on my behalf this year. First and foremost The sails you made for "Barcanova" are truly magnificent, They set beautifully, trim effortlessly and look fantastic. It is like having a new yacht, She sails faster, Powers up quickly with the slightest puff of wind and de-powers easily when hard pressed.

The finish of the sails is also excellent and gives me confidence that they will have a long life if I look after them properly. The Lazy bag is very well made and incredibly useful when short handed, (most of the time).

Finally, thanks for the efficient and timely delivery of the sails which perfectly complemented my very tight schedule last March. In the end we had a very narrow weather window and had the sails not arrived early as they did we would have been unlikely to make it.

Please pass on my thanks to all of your workforce for the part that they played and I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2016.

Merry Christmas.

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